What is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller Hosting is something you may have seen offered at your hosting provider, or maybe talked about on the web here and there. You may have wondered what it’s all about. To put it simply – reseller hosting allows business owners, freelancers, developers, and entrepreneurs to package and sell hosting under a custom brand, without needing to pay huge upfront infrastructure costs. Or to distill that down even more, it lets you kickstart your own web hosting business.

So who is reseller hosting for?

Great question. There are tons of people who could benefit from a reseller hosting plan. If you are reading this, you are very likely a freelancer (web developer, web designer) or maybe just an entrepreneur looking to start their own business. Reseller hosting is for you!

If you have customers who need a hosting service, Reseller Hosting will allow you to buy the server space in bulk, and sell it back to your customers at a profit. This is exceptionally profitable for people like web developers or web designers who want a way to make a recurring profit off of their clients. It also gives you an excuse to stay in constant contact with your customers and clients, since you will be the first line of hosting support.

Cool, so how does it work?

Surprisingly, reseller hosting is very easy to get setup – and typically works like any other cPanel hosting you’ve used in the past – with a few extra bonuses. If you’re familiar with normal shared web hosting – you’re probably familiar with cPanel – the software that let’s you manage aspects of your own hosting account. Reseller web hosting provides an administration verssion of cPanel called WHM.

WHM, gives you complete control to create plans, with your own bandwidth, space, and email restrictions. Create customer accounts, as well as enforce rules and manage customer accounts for them. It allows you to give users admin rights, upgrade plans, and much most. Best of all – each customer gets their unique cPanel login so your customers think its your server.

If you want to get really advanced with it, you can even use an automated billing solution like WHMCS to collect monthly payments from your customers.

Should I be concerned if my developer or designer put me on a reseller hosting plan?

Not at all! You should actually be very excited. The fact that your developer is managing your web presence in a one on one fashion should give you peace of mind. Finding stability in freelancers is difficult, and the fact that yours is utilizing a reseller account to earn a more consistent living, and also provide better service to you is something you should be very happy for! That said, if they are not providing a quality service through their white-label plan, then you should probably take your conversation to them. 🙃

How can I get started with Reseller Hosting?

Finding a good reseller can be very important. We always suggest doing some of your own research first. Figure out your goals. Do you want to turn a large profit? Do you want to provide “unlimited” services to your customers? Do you simply want an easy way to spin up new sites and plans for yourself? These are all valid reasons people may choose a reseller hosting plan.

Once you have your reasons in line, look for some good plans that fit your goals! We have a hot list of our favorite / best reseller plans here. But you can always search google, or ask some colleagues as well.

Have any questions about Reseller Hosting, or anything you think we should add to this article? Leave a suggestion in the comments below!

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