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What Makes Good Web Hosting For Small Businesses?

Sometimes the “top 10 web host” list just doesn’t do it – so we won’t bore you with that here. Let me guess – you’re a business owner, you’ve got a somewhat limited budget, and you want to get your business online as fast as possible. Or maybe you’ve invested a lot in a hot new website, and you want to find the best way to protect that investment. Either way – finding the best web host for a small business can be tough. And typically, it takes a smart business owner to put in the time to research their web presence – so you’re already a step ahead! During this blog post, we’re going to answer a few common questions about why your small business needs web hosting, as well as what it is. And why it’s so important!

Why Do I need Web Hosting?

Hey – this questions are fairly normal and common, so we’re gonna address it before going any further. At the end of the day, your website is an application, and like the apps on your phone and computer, it needs a machine to run on. All web hosting is, is a computer (server) in a datacenter that runs your website. Your domain name points people to that server to view your website.

What are the qualities of a good web host For My Small Business?

Good web hosting is typically secure, fast, and fault proof. Meaning, yes – if the power goes out, your site doesn’t go down – but more importantly, if there is a catastrophic loss of data, an act of god, a bug in the server, a data breach, anything like that – that you don’t personally have to deal with that.

Ask yourself these questions when vetting a new web hosting company for your business:

  • How long has the host been in business?
  • How fast is their network? Do they have a speedtest?
  • Are they using SSDs?
  • Do you get your own IP address?
  • Is the server a shared host, or do you have your own dedicated resources?
  • Do they provide SSL out of the box?

The line of questioning above really helps determine quality of the server being provided. Time in business is often a good indicator of the company’s health. And the company health in this case directly impacts the health of the server.

Network Speed is also incredibly important. When users are visiting your site over the internet, every extra speed boost helps. If the web hosting service provider is up to standard, you should hopefully have access to a gigabit connection. To add onto this, you also will want your own IP address. Not just for SEO concerns, but also so you can guarantee traffic to that address only ever goes to you.

Disk speed is why I ask about SSDs. The high i/o rate of an SSD absolutely obliterates that of a spinning disk. The longer the machine takes to retrieve the data, the more bottlenecks you have going over network. Disk speed is just as important to me as network speed, and this is why the SSD is so very important.

Having your own Virtual Machine or Dedicated Resources is incredibly important. As appealing as shared pricing can be, when it’s your business on the line, you really want to make sure you are getting every ounce of speed enhancement that you can get. Having a certain amount of physical resources set aside for you, in a VM setting is very important.

Last but not least, SSL. SSL provides your customers with a layer of security and trust that is unmatched by anything else. Google also strongly suggests using it, which is probably why it gives you a noticeable rankings boost. Find a host with free SSL, or hire a developer who can set that up for you.

Well I think that’s it! Hopefully your search for web hosting for your business is a success. Please leave any questions or concerns in the comments below!

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